Tips to Submit the Perfect Support Case for Faster Resolution

When something goes wrong or you need help, your first thought should always be to ask for it, and who better to ask than Customer Support. In order to resolve an issue or receive the help you need, it’s extremely important to know how to submit the perfect support case. Why? Because following these below steps can save you time and energy.

To create a support ticket in our system, please email us at Include the below criteria in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your organization’s name and state
  • The product line you are operating on: MCSJ, BAS, or Logics
  • The module you need assistance with, such as Tax, Clerk, Utility, Finance, Code Enforcement, etc.
  • A detailed description of the issue. What were you doing when you encountered the issue?
  • Any screenshots. Can you visibly see the issue?
  • Your availability window during business hours. What time(s) can you be reached?
  • Best method of contact. What is the best number and email address to reach you at?

That’s it! This information will help to ensure that the ideal Customer Support Representative has the material needed to resolve your issue within a reasonable time frame.

Submit A Support Ticket