Parks & Recreation

Connect With Your Community & Drive Citizen Engagement

Our Parks & Recreation module is loaded with capabilities far surpassing its name. This system was created to fill the needs of our clients who wanted a way to automate the management process of the programs and services offered to residents, and do so in a way the residents expect… digitally!

This module will allow you to advertise numerous items and their availability to the public, including but not limited to programs, classes, activities, camps, facility reservations, and memberships. The easy to navigate interface provides an enjoyable experience, which will ensure that all site visitors find exactly what they are looking for in a fast, efficient manner.

All-in-all, this module provides a variety of benefits for both municipalities and residents alike:

  • Increased revenue and participation percentages
  • Improved resident satisfaction and digital engagement
  • Reduced workload in the office by eliminating manual and paper processes
  • Efficient reporting on customer insights to know and understand your residents better


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