Logics End of Year Resources

Please find the necessary resources below for the End of Year (EOY).


Financial Users

1099 Processing Update

Budget Preparation Documentation

Year End Processing

Year End Processing – PO Liquidation Options

Year End SQL Backup

EOY Tips & Reminders


Optimum Users

Windows Suite Year-End Processing Guide

Windows OptiCloud® Year-End Processing Guide

Year End Payroll and Tax Updates

Sample Year End and Tax Change Memorandum



Please find the necessary resources for Kronos Calendar End of Year (EOY).

Kronos Year End Processing 

Ready Year End Resources – a full list of all year end related resources.

Payroll Year End Checklist – this also includes helpful links to checklist-specific items for more assistance.

ACA Year End Checklist – used to guide completions of ACA reports for each eligible employer.