Technical Services

Do you have a cybersecurity plan?

Our cybersecurity solutions and IT services provide protection, reliability, and convenience. Whether it be business continuity, data optimization, or IT management, Edmunds GovTech offers a variety of services and solutions that go well beyond the scope of our standard software support.

Outsourced/Managed IT Services: Our IT Department will manage and maintain all of your technical components while providing top of the line IT support for your municipality. Ease the pain of training time or reallocation of human resources by allowing our highly professional and responsive team to fulfill your IT needs and ensure optimal network performance.

Cybersecurity: At Edmunds, minimizing vulnerabilities and threats is a vital priority for all of our clients, and because of that, we understand the importance of safeguarding municipal endpoints and devices. With fully integrated and streamlined cybersecurity services, we can provide impenetrable yet easily deployable applications.

Data Vault: Data Vault is a secure, cloud-hosted backup service to an on-site server that automatically stores data on a reoccurring basis. This reliable service easily restores all information and operations in the event of data loss or a natural disaster.

Office365 Email Solutions: Our email filtering and hosting solutions will re-route spam and other potentially dangerous emails to an off-site server and prevent them from entering your network. Not only will your organization’s email server be protected, but you will receive assistance in migrating to the latest technology, which includes mobile access via smartphones or tablets.

Website Design & Content Management: Having a well-designed, user-friendly website allows your residents and constituents to access the information they need, right when they need it. Each municipal website we develop is built upon a stable, secure foundation and includes various customizations, integrations, and add-ons suited to fit every need.


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