NJ | Authority | 20K-50K Hosted

With the Edmunds MCSJ system, the WMUA’s remote work transition was seamless and successful during the COVID-19 pandemic because of Edmunds’ cloud-hosted option. As of summer 2021, the Authority’s staff migrated back to their office;…

SC | Authority | 5K-20K Hosted

Since the hosted solution was an essential feature, it made the choice easy for Broad Creek Public Service District. The decision to switch to Edmunds GovTech proved to be successful in more ways than one. It allows The District to feel assured knowing that no data will…

NJ | Authority | 50K-100K Hosted

Since implementing their integrated enterprise solution, BTMUA experienced greater operational efficiency, real-time management reporting, and has significantly improved the level of customer serviceprovided to their ratepayers.