2022 Payroll Tax Table Process

We have verified and updated the NC and MD state tax tables. We are still waiting on the OH state tax tables, but we were able to modify MCSJ to use last years table until we receive the 2022 file.

If your municipality is in NC, OH, or MD, or you have employees who live in those states, you will need a new code update dated 12/29/2021 or greater. All other states, your code needs to be 12/23/21 or greater.

All hosted clients – your code has been updated, please continue to Step 2.


Please continue following the below steps to install the payroll tax tables before processing your first 2022 payroll.

​​​​Step 1: Update the MCSJ code by following the instructions listed here.

  • To check your current code date within MCSJ, go to: Help>About

​​​​Step 2: Follow the tax table install instructions here: PTT Instructions.

             Click here for W2 Processing Instructions and all other End of Year Resources can be found here.

Questions? Email us at Support@EdmundsGovTech.com to auto create a support ticket and a specialist will contact you. Please include as much detail as possible so we may route your case appropriately.