Payroll Playbook: Personnel Management

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Payroll and Human Resource personnel are integral players for local governments. Much like a good point guard, they often assist and handle a variety of complex endeavors that require a high degree of upkeep to support the team around them. With resources being limited, including their own time to allocate, these players can face increased pressure to support their organization.

Personnel management tools are a great way to bolster Payroll and Human Resource teams. They remove both the physical and electronic clutter from the office by effectively organizing it in one central hub. Providers like Edmunds GovTech offer modern software solutions that utilize these tools to improve the overall functionality of personnel management departments. Our modules not only enhance workflow but can also create more meaningful and connected work experiences for employees.

Game-Changing Features

Whether you are looking to upgrade your personnel management process or currently use our software, here are some of our important software features and services:

Payroll: Powered by real-time updates to ensure the most accurate pay information is displayed, along with accruals, our Payroll module elevates visibility and approvals for both managers and subordinates alike. The system is also engineered with updates for new legislative changes along with e-check and direct deposit capabilities.

This feature makes going paperless easy!

HR Administration: Our HR solution offers a best-in-class employee experience that is available on multiple devices with our employee self-service portal or app. These options enable comprehensive analytics and workflows to make viewing information, approvals, and updates a breeze.

Scheduling Tools: Gain real-time visibility into personnel schedules, budgeting constraints, and control internal policies. Automated functions and notification options are also available to keep employees and managers informed.

Onboarding and Learning: Connect with new hires and track current employee training and certifications. The system also assists with transitioning personnel to a new role, department, budget, and more.

Employee Self Service: This feature provides employees with secure access to their personal information from any internet enabled device. The portal allows personnel to enter their daily hours, view paystubs, request time off, and much more. Supervisors can also access the portal to review and approve inputs as they are submitted. Overall, this feature creates a digitally connected work environment for all internal constituents.

For further insight on personnel and payroll management, feel free to contact us at, check out our product sheet, or click here to browse our solutions.

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