NJ Executive Order 190

Dear Customer,

As mentioned in previous communications, Edmunds GovTech has been working on several new Utility software features to help assist our clients with Executive Order 190 compliance. These optional features are now available in MCSJ versions 2019.2 and greater and will include the following:

  • Ability to classify utility account types as residential or non-residential for purposes of excluding residential accounts from interest and penalty.
  • Per diem interest users may choose between not calculating interest on any residential charges or calculating interest on older delinquencies through the date of the executive order.
  • A new ‘cancel penalty balances’ routine is available for penalty users.

If you do not have Version 2019.2 or greater and would like to take advantage of the new utility features, click HERE to schedule an upgrade. The MCSJ code date must be November 19, 2020, or greater to utilize these features.

A user guide for the new features can be found HERE. All new features are optional and will have no effect on current MCSJ functionality unless you choose to utilize them.

Tax Collection Customers: The ability to exclude selected utility service balances from the Tax Year End Penalty Calculation will be available in a subsequent code update later in December. Instructions on this routine will be included in the annual Tax End of Year instructions posted on the Support website.

Thank You,
Edmunds GovTech Support