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Local government agencies involve a range of departments and individuals, all of whom need to be fully empowered in order to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness across the entire jurisdiction. Because of the many nuances associated with local government operations, a software solution built for big government or the private sector is hard-pressed to unlock the full potential of digitalization for local municipalities and authorities like yours.

At Edmunds GovTech, we provide a comprehensive, fully integrated software solution to power your local government agency. With over 45 years of experience entirely focused on the local government space, we understand the unique requirements associated with running your jurisdiction, and the diverse needs of your many users and constituents. We continuously update our software to reflect your shifting needs, and we are dedicated to serving each of our clients as a trusted and responsive partner.

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Edmunds GovTech proudly serves over 1900 local government agencies in 26 states.

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Finance Super Suite

Our robust fund accounting solution delivers everything you need to effectively manage your municipality’s financials, with accounts payable, contract management, single source entry, and more. All of our solutions seamlessly integrate to enable better continuity, streamline access to decision-driving insights, and reduce manual data entry.

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