Leak Adjustment Poll Results

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Two posts back, I wrote about leak adjustment policies. That post included a poll asking what your utility’s leak adjustment policy is.

Poll results

The intent of the poll was to determine if utilities have stopped offering leak adjustments because of either leak insurance or proactive leak detection. Here is a graph of the results (clicking on the graph will open a larger image in a new window):

A total of 26 utilities responded to the poll. Of those, 20 (or 76.9%) still offer leak adjustments. Three utilities (or 11.5%) have never offered leak adjustments. Two (or 7.7%) have stopped providing leak adjustments because they offer leak insurance. One (or 3.9%) has stopped offering leak adjustments for another reason (in this case because they are a regulated utility and the state regulatory agency will not allow them to offer leak adjustments). Surprisingly, none of the responses indicated they have stopped offering leak adjustments because of proactive leak detection.

You can still participate

If your utility isn’t represented by the 26 responses above, please feel free to take two minutes to complete the quick poll to indicate what your utility’s leak adjustment policy is.

Is it time to review your leak adjustment policy?

If you haven’t reviewed your leak adjustment policy in a while, please contact me by completing this form to see how a business review could help you do so.

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