I need your assistance!

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A couple months ago I participated in a webinar designed to help bloggers grow their online audiences. One of the takeaways was to offer an incentive for subscribing, which I did with my free eBook, entitled “5 Surefire Ways to Save Time Processing Payments.”

Another takeaway was to develop a reader survey to learn more about my readers and what interests them.

Reader survey

I’ve taken the advice from that webinar and developed a short survey to gather input from my readers, such as you.

In addition to general demographic questions and inquiring about how you consume information, the survey includes open ended questions about this blog. Specifically, I’m interested to know what you like best about the Utility Information Pipeline and how I can improve it.

Can I highlight your utility?

From time to time, I publish a feature called Reader Spotlights where I highlight a utility that has implemented something I’ve written about. If you have a success story with a policy you’ve implemented or a procedure you’ve changed as a result of something you’ve read here, there’s a place to share that, as well.

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