The Edmunds GovTech Story

Edmunds GovTech, formerly known as Edmunds & Associates, was founded in 1972 by Robert R. Edmunds. In the company’s infancy, their primary focus was to provide programming and contract work to the Department of Defense.

Having worked with a heavy concentration of financial and tax collection users, the decision was made to shift the company’s focus exclusively to local government agencies in 1991.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Robert’s son, Bob Edmunds, took over and realized the tremendous need for automated systems and functionality within the government sector. Backed by extensive knowledge and experience working with local governments, Bob’s realization sparked the creation and evolution of the Edmunds GovTech MCSJ software solutions.

Fast forward to 2021, Edmunds GovTech acquired and merged with two local government software providers, Business Automation Services (BAS) and Logics Solutions, LLC. This advancement has catapulted Edmunds to become the leading provider of software solutions for local government agencies. As always and now more than ever, it is Edmunds’ upmost priority to provide award-winning customer service, continued product enhancement, and innovation. 

A Sense of Community Founded in Family History

“At Edmunds GovTech, we are extraordinarily proud of our dynamic solutions and industry-leading customer service. That being said, most clients believe our strongest quality is the sense of community that we provide.

Since day one, I have been focused and passionate about building strong relationships with each and every customer. We are confident that you’ll find our solutions as the right choice for your next generation software. If you would like to talk to me directly, just call and ask for Bob.”

Bob Edmunds | Owner & Executive Chairman