Happy New Year 2020!

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This is the annual end-of-the-year issue, where I usually take a moment to look back on the year past and to the year ahead. This year that seems even more relevant as we say goodbye to the decade of the teens (I said goodbye to my teens a long time ago!) and look ahead to the 20’s!

Tenth year!

2020 will mark the tenth year of publishing the Utility Information Pipeline. What began as just an idea in the fall of 2010 led to the first issue on January 4, 2011. That inaugural newsletter, announcing what I was planning to do and inviting readers to subscribe, was emailed to a couple hundred customers. From that group, 76 people responded and became charter subscribers. Of those original 76, 37 are still subscribers today – 214 issues later!

Looking ahead

The 2019 Utility Fee Survey was the fourth Utility Fee Survey, so I’ve collected enough data to begin analyzing trends. Look for a couple issues in early 2020 to examine these trends, including one that analyzes cut-off and reconnect fees. Along with that issue, I’ll be unveiling a new online tool, much like the Days of Exposure calculator, to calculate your optimum cut-off fee.

2020 Utility Staffing Survey

2020 will be an even year, so that means it will be time for the biennial Utility Staffing Survey again. Look for the 2020 Utility Staffing Survey invitation in the spring with the results to be published a few weeks after that.

Speaking engagements

Also, with the Edmunds acquisition, management is very much interested in having me speak to more groups. If you are part of a trade association and would like to have me speak at your annual conference or training session, please give me a call at 919-673-4050, or email me at gsanders@edmundsgovtech.com.

New years’ resolutions and goals

Happy New Year 2020! If one of your goals for the new year is to improve your utility business office operation, please give me a call at 919-673-4050, or email me at gsanders@edmundsgovtech.com to see how a business review could help you.

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