Case Study

Town of New Paltz



Population Served:


Type of Organization:




Former Software

Pace ACS


The Town’s former software was antiquated and lacked the efficiency and sophistication that comes with a fully-integrated system. New Paltz had outgrown their previous system and decided to search for a new ERP provider that was capable of keeping up with their needs to operate effectively and save time.


When New Paltz was ready to make the switch to a fully-integrated ERP solution, they wanted to find a software provider that would simplify and expedite their business processes. New Paltz received an email from Edmunds GovTech and decided to pursue their interest. The Town loved the easy-to-use platform and sophisticated system design that they moved forward with Edmunds shortly after viewing a demo of their products.

Implemented Modules

  • Finance Super Suite
  • Electronic Requisitions
  • Accounts Receivable & Business Licensing
  • Developers Escrow
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Utility Billing & Collections
  • Permitting & Code Enforcement
  • Permitting Self-Service Portal
  • Clerk
  • Web Inquiry & Payment Portal
  • Virtual Terminal


After implementing Edmunds GovTech in 2011, the Town’s processes have been simplified and streamlined due to the automated functionality of the software. As a result of the detailed reporting tools, management in New Paltz is now capable of accurate budgeting and advising. The Town’s favorite features and primary reasons for referring Edmunds are the tailored customizations they received to meet their specific needs and the software’s ability for seamless, automated posting.


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