Case Study

McIntosh County



Population Served:


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Former Software

Municipal Software


McIntosh County experienced a number of challenges with their former software provider. The County unfortunately suffered with a system that was not user-friendly and prevented them from streamlining their everyday processes. Their software had poor reporting capabilities and was unable to track historical data like they hoped it would. For these reasons, the County began their search for a new ERP software provider.


McIntosh County had a lot to consider when deciding on a new software provider. They did their research and found that they wanted a fully-integrated system with a user-friendly interface that would remain within their budget. After participating in an on-site demo with Edmunds GovTech, they liked its functionality and reporting capabilities and decided to purchase the software in 2008.

Implemented Modules

  • Finance Super Suite
  • Accounts Receivable & Business Licensing
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Utility Billing & Collections
  • Web Inquiry & Payment Portal
  • Work Orders


The County appreciates the timely and responsive nature of the Edmunds customer support team and the user-friendly details of the software. They have experienced many benefits from using the fully-integrated software such as increased efficiency, seamless budgeting, and improved reporting capabilities. After making the switch to Edmunds, McIntosh County has seen notable improvements in their day-to-day business processes.

“Edmunds customer service is unlike any other I have worked with before. They are very professional and so easy to work with. Sometimes you feel like you are alone with a software, but with Edmunds, you can call them any time and they will help you with any question you have no matter how big or small.”
– Lisa Weth, Former Staff Accountant