Case Study

City of Belton



Population Served:

< 5K

Type of Organization:




Former Software

Asyst Technologies


The City of Belton’s previous software caused many issues regarding payroll execution and software storage. Unfortunately, there were constant issues when processing payroll, which caused downtime and late direct deposits to employees. This outdated and antiquated software did not allow the city to complete all necessary business functions and ultimately threatened a risk for data loss as a result of minimal storage space. Overall, Belton was forced to use separate software programs, causing confusion and inefficiencies.


Belton began their search on the internet to find a new municipal software provider. One of the main factors that motivated their decision to choose Edmunds GovTech was its updated system that would eliminate any downtime when processing payroll. They loved how Edmunds offered the ability to incorporate all of their business functions into one, easy-to-use system. 

Implemented Modules

  • Finance Super Suite
  • Accounts Receivable & Business Licensing
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Utility Billing & Collections
  • Work Orders
  • Web Inquiry & Payment Portal


Since choosing Edmunds GovTech in 2017, the City of Belton has been thrilled with the fully-integrated software. The system’s functionality and intuitive nature have helped accomplish their goal of streamlining their business processes and increasing efficiency across all departments. Overall, Belton has overcome their challenges with payroll by utilizing the Employee Self-Service Portal and Time Entry Mobile App to eliminate manual entry and errors. 


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