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By Taylor Bolton | 08.05.21

By Erin Resnick | 07.27.21

As a highly capable and tightly integrated fund accounting solution, the Edmunds Finance Super Suite is made to handle all of your jurisdiction’s specialized accounting needs while saving valuable time for your financial and accounting teams. Watch our virtual tour.

By Daniel Blazina | 07.27.21

Take a look inside Edmunds GovTech’s Requisitions software module to review the key benefits, Self-Service portal and the corresponding mobile app.

By Erin Resnick | 07.22.21

The Open Records Request Tracker system is designed to manage all open public requests within a local government. Learn more about this user-friendly module that ensures compliance and allows for easy retrieval of critical data and documents.

By Erin Resnick | 07.15.21

Edmunds GovTech’s Personnel Management Solution is a highly intuitive set of modules that enhances the functions of local government payroll and human resource departments.

By Erin Resnick | 07.15.21

Edmunds GovTech’s Permitting and Enforcement Solution for local governments is an efficient module that bolsters your data tracking and retention efforts.

By Erin Resnick | 07.13.21

Track developers, projects, and all associated activity with ease. Equipped with integration to our Finance and Purchasing modules, this module assures accuracy and automation for whatever it is you need.

By Erin Resnick | 06.30.21

Take a look inside our Open Request Tracker program to experience the user-friendly nature of this module. This system makes submitting, managing, and tracking any public record request a breeze.

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