The Edmunds GovTech Blog

Year: 2022

By Gary Sanders | 02.23.22

Since the onset of COVID, my time spent in utility offices has been practically non-existent, so I wasn’t aware of the increased abuse some customers service reps are taking from customers. At least not until…

By Gary Sanders | 02.01.22

Have you ever wondered if your office is understaffed…? Do you need to justify a new position to management…? Here’s your chance to find out! You’re invited to participate in the 2022 Utility Staffing Survey.…

By Daniel Blazina | 01.20.22

Edmunds GovTech’s (EGT’s) Electronic Purchasing solutions are a valuable tool that comes equipped with a variety of benefits. It is engineered specifically with local governments in mind and is designed to help power efficiency in…

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